10 Things We Love About Coffee

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It seemed only appropriate that we start showing the love with this topic, Coffee.

10 Things I Love About Coffee:

10. The sound of the old coffee maker. The “hiss” is like a lover whispering in my ear.
9. The swirl of the cream. I stir my coffee first, then add the cream.
8. How coffee can smell differently at points in time: opening a bag, grinding, brewing.
7. The economic power of coffee. It’s the 2nd largest traded commodity on the planet (behind only oil)
6. The history of coffee. The good and the bad. I cannot read up enough on the subject. My library on coffee reminds of that.
5. The thoughts that it stimulates, both literally and figuratively.
4. How engrained it is in many cultures. It’s omnipresent.
3. It’s ability to resurrect many on a daily basis.
2. The warmth provided and the sense of security it creates on a cold day.
1. The walls it breaks down; turning strangers into friends. (And this by definition must have love involved, because people overlook their differences using one lone similarity as a filter for their vision)

What do you love about coffee?

One thought on “10 Things We Love About Coffee

  1. For the most part, I equate coffee with the start of a new day. The fragrance that fills the kitchen air conveys the essence of new possibilities, untapped potential and the shear excitement of what’s to come. I love that exuberance, that thrill of the unknown, that clean slate du jour of which the aroma of morning coffee always reminds me.

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