10 Things We Love About Espresso



So we need to give some love to espresso since it gives so much to us. I pull 4 shots a day at home, and a few more occasionally when I guest barista at Chicagoland coffeehouses and cafes.

10. The hiss of a steam wand and gurgle of milk sounds like someone is drowning. If you hear that, your barista is doing it right.

9. The way milk and crema bends and blends together into some truly amazing artwork.

8. I prefer espresso blends as opposed to single origin. They are just a varied as coffee and their individual nuances will make your palate sing.

7. I LOVE the challenge presented to pour latte art as it changes slightly with every espresso. The pace at which you must create is harried, as the crema and milk will set shortly after starting.

6. The color and look exhibited during the extraction process. From light yellow caramels to deep amber hues, it make me salivate like a Pavlovian dog.

5. The multitude of ways you can serve up espresso. From a dopio to an americano, to a macchiato, mocha or latte, the espresso is the base, and sometimes highlighted.

4. You fall in love in just 23 seconds if a shot is pulled properly.

3. The time it takes to make a latte is typically several minutes. The patience exerted to wait for a single cup of coffee is rewarded by an experience that borders on sublime. You need all 5 senses to truly appreciate what             happens in front of you.

2. The look on people’s faces when you intensely pour your heart and soul into a 4-minute process and hand them their drink.

1. The warmth that spreads throughout your body when you drink an espresso-based drink. It’s not all physical.

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