Thanks for joining us at Your Daily Coffee Shot!

We love coffee and espresso; and everything about them. The bean brew is our muse and we see the world with the help of inky-tinted lenses. Seriously, we relate everything to coffee. Not just food and drink, but cultures, movies, and everything in between. Why? Who knows. Maybe we drink too much coffee… Um, never!

What started out as a simple sharing of thoughts from a morning cup of java, has grown into a coffeehouse community.

Join us for the Haikus and Thoughts, and then stick around for the reviews of brews, roasters, coffeehouses, and more!

For the love of Joe, share your thoughts with us!

p.s. – We have created more than 30 of these “coffee-cons” and use them as part of my signature. Feel free to add your own!

c[_]  c(_)  c_/  c|_|  c)_( c{_}  c|__|  c{__}  c<_>  c__/  €|__|

–[>>>|  )–|  }–|  ~D|  (_)  _/  (__)  £)__(  ζ)__(  ¢|__|  ς_/  

ξ)__(  ξ(__)  ξ[__] ξ]__[  ξ_/  ξ__/  ξ{__}  ç]__[   €]__[  č(__)

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