Glenview Grind Coffeehouse Review – Jan 2015


Let’s kick off 2015 with a look back at the last visit of 2014; a stopover at the Glenview Grind!

I am always on the lookout for that next great cuppa or great location to have said cuppa, especially when I meet new friends from social media platforms. I recently caught up with a friend from Instagram when we discovered that we lived not too far from one another. We decided to visit the Glenview Grind.

I read up on the location, and it’s history, and full and fair disclosure, I had visited once before. My previous experience was not what I expected from an independent coffeehouse. The manager emailed me after my last visit (it was a poor experience), and asked me to return. I held off on the review at that time to see if things would change given time, and training.

My friend and I arrived in the early afternoon in late December. The cafe was fairly busy. I snagged the only table available and then we ordered our coffees.

The cafe itself is a pleasurable experience for your senses. A rustic blend of furniture for the suburban cafe, and the smells from the baked goods definitely bring a smile to your face. Those goodies invoke memories of lifetimes past. The digital signage on the wall behind the counter is assaulting on the eyes.

The Glenview Grind offers two types of espresso: Intelligentsia, and their “house roast”. I spoke with the counter staff; again asking fairly rudimentary questions about coffee and espresso. What type of roast. What types of beans. The counter help couldn’t answer the questions correctly and were “helped” by the barista. At that point, I stopped asking questions, and gave up hope of this experience being any different from the first.


The barista on duty that day at the Glenview Grind, a older gentleman in his late 40s, did know a little bit more about coffee in general. That said, he did not display the techniques to create the drinks we ordered, and the milk was scorched, ruining the coffee and the experience. I had already given up any hope of latte art prior to receiving my drink.

We returned to our seats to catch up with one another, and stared at our drinks. My “latte” (I use that term loosely) is pictured above and looks like something Starbucks would hand out, not something I would expect from an independent coffeehouse. It really looks like a cappuccino, or something that a novice barista would hand out to customers.

Sadly, when we returned to our table and discussion was more about the bad coffee than anything else that day. It was a truly disappointing coffee experience. With so many great coffee roasters and coffeehouses in Chicagoland, we don’t feel the need to return to this location. The location is fine, but their team’s lack of coffee knowledge is not. We won’t pay $3, $4, $5 for a bad cup of coffee (and zero coffeehouse experience), and neither should you.

This location gets c]__[ , or 1 mug out of 5.


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