Greyhound Coffee Roasters Coffee Review – Jun 2014

How did we find Greyhound Coffee Roasters (, indeed? That seems to be a popular question in the last month. The story is almost as delicious as the Brazilian Yellow Bourbon we tasted. We go back to our reader poll and a number of you told us from which states you hailed. You then asked us to find good roasters and coffee for your local markets. And this almost brings us to the state of Oregon, and to Greyhound Coffee Roasters.

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We actually fielded this very question from the roaster themselves. We normally do not tell the roasters that we are buying coffee for any specific reason. That said, David contacted me via email and asked personally how we found Greyhound Coffee Roasters. We actually researched 50, YES 50, roasters in the state of Oregon before deciding to purchase and review Greyhound. Their local business feel, compounded with their greyhound rescue efforts, resonated with us (

We selected 3 coffees from Greyhound Coffee Roasters: Remy’s Espresso Blend, Peru Fair-Trade Organic Bagua Grande, and the Brazil Dry-Process Fazenda Yellow Bourbon ( We noticed 2 things immediately. Their prices are very reasonable, and at least right now, they focus on Central and South America with their coffee offerings.

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The website experience was simple and easy. We received the coffees from Greyhound Coffee Roasters 3 days after roasting. They stamp the bags with the roast dates, and proof of freshness was also evident throughout the tasting process. As we have said in previous reviews, we always purchase several pounds and conduct 2 tastings; one private and one public (See this review as to the precedence:

The Peru Bagua Grande was good, but the Remy’s Espresso Blend and the Brazil Yellow Bourbon from Greyhound Coffee Roasters were both very good. We focused on the Brazil for this tasting. That and we decided to keep the yummy espresso for ourselves. 😉

Take a look at the beans above. They are dark and oily. They left a substantial amount of oil on the paper towl when we finished the photography.  We were surprised to see what appears to be a Vienna roast on these beans. The oil is beautiful, and the color is dark; certainly darker than we expected. Throughout the tasting process, 3 C’s stood out: Caramel, Cashews, and Cardamom.

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For the purposes of this tasting, we focused on the AeroPress using a conversion of the traditional formula. If 10 grams of coffee is used for 6 ounces of water, then 13.333 grams of coffee is used for 8 ounces of water. The AeroPress produces an 8 ounce cup of coffee. We set the temperature of the water to 180 degrees to brew the Brazil Dry-Process Fazenda Yellow Bourbon from Greyhound Coffee Roasters. We stirred for 20 seconds and steeped for another 20 seconds, and pressed over a 23 second period. Although this is a South American coffee and usually brew these beans at 175 for tastings, we raised the threshold on these beans from Greyhound Coffee Roasters due to the darker roast. As a point of information, the AeroPress recommends a temperature range of 175-185 degrees depending on the coffee.

An aside, we try to maintain temperature consistently throughout the tasting process. We pre-heat both the AeroPress and the tasting cups by using water from the kettle at the desired brewing temperature. This allows for a more consistent result and a better cup of coffee.

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As we mentioned earlier, the Brazil Dry-Process Fazenda Yellow Bourbon from Greyhound Coffee Roasters displayed 3 C’s throughout the tasting: Caramel, Cashew, and Cardomom. Cardamom and cashew were most present as we smelled the beans when we opened the bag. Subtle caramel and brown sugar notes were present when tasting. They didn’t overtake the coffee. The cup itself had a clean finish and not lingering on the palate. A nice finish to a very good cup of coffee. All that did is make us want another cup. If you are looking for a good cup from good people with a good cause, check out Greyhound Coffee Roasters. You won’t be disappointed.

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We need to take a moment to thank Camelia and Carmen from Signature Sweets ( They hosted the public coffee tasting. And thank you to John, Camelia, Joanne, Ana, Kim, Paul, and Florin (not pictured) for helping us with this tasting.
– Chi_Coffee_Guy

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  2. I am a Portlander who has been getting my coffee from Greyhound for the last year. Always fresh. Always wonderful. So glad to see your positive review. I believe it is well deserved.

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