Jadabug Coffee Roasters – Mar 2014 Coffee Review

Have you heard the story about the dearth of good coffee roasters in the Chicago area? No? Me either. If you look, you’ll find another, and we did just that in Jadabug Coffee Roasters (http://www.jadabugroasters.com/coffee.asp). As mentioned in our previous coffeehouse review (http://yourdailycoffeeshot.com/megs-daily-grind-mar-2014-coffeehouse-review/), Rockford, IL has a grass roots indie coffee success story all their own. And Jadabug Coffee Roasters is another chapter in this novel.

Remember, Starbucks withdrew from Rockford, IL altogether because they could not compete with the local indie coffee scene…

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Before we get to the review of the Tanzania from Jadabug Coffee Roasters, we want to share our experience and dealings with them. Their website is as simple as sites come, and the simplicity works, delivering a homey feel, accentuating the independent aspect.

After looking through the single page directory (http://www.jadabugroasters.com/coffee.asp), we chose 3 different pounds of beans; we weren’t entirely sure which one we would review. So we ordered a pound of Espresso, Tanzania, and Jamaica Blue Mountain. All of the coffee is priced very reasonably. The package arrived 5 days later in 3 vacuum-sealed foil bags. The transaction was seamless, and the delivery was hiccup less.

Once we opened one of the bags, we realized that there was a problem with coffee inside. We guessed the bag had been mislabeled. Our first thought was “Oh no. Here we go again…”, as another coffee review went awry recently with service issues. We emailed the roaster. Kevin Gander emailed us back within a matter of hours, initiated a conversation, and sought to rectify the issue. We offered to return the mislabeled coffee. He declined; insisted that we keep it “on Jadabug Coffee Roasters for our trouble”; roasted us a fresh pound of the correct coffee; and then shipped us the coffee within 2 days. It was the epitome of great customer service. We contacted him after that to thank him. He was as gracious when we thanked him as when we contacted him with the complaint.

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Now that you know how good the service is with Jadabug Coffee Roasters, let’s take a look at, and a taste of, their products. We decided to review their Tanzania, a single-origin African coffee. We tasted this coffee 2 ways, by V60 pour over, and by AeroPress. The coffee stood up with both tastings, but really stood out using the AeroPress.

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A nice city roast on the Tanzania from Jadabug. It’s dark enough to bring out some of the complex scents and flavors of the African coffee, but not so dark that charcoal and carbon overtake the spectrum. The overwhelming scents and flavors that came from this bag was canned peaches. The sugary syrupy sweet treat that we remember from our childhood just permeated throughout this entire tasting. Now, it was not to a point of ruining the complexity, but we can say that you will not need to add cream or sugar to this coffee. It was plenty sweet and balanced on its own.


Let’s focus on the AeroPress version of this tasting. Jadabug Coffee Roasters Tanzania performed well when prepared both ways, but it really stood out using the AeroPress. Using the “Jay” method of AeroPressing, we prepped 20 grams of coffee, and ground it finely. We heated water to 185 degrees Fahrenheit, and used an Inverted Flip.

This provided us with an intense and well-balanced cup of coffee. It clung nicely to the palate while drinking but didn’t linger too long once complete; a nice clean finish.

If you get the chance, check out Jadabug Coffee Roasters from Rockford, IL. They will provide you with great service as well as a great product, at a reasonable price.


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