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Today Your Daily Coffee Shot shares with you a coffee from one of Chicago’s own roasters, PassionHouse CoffeeRoasters ( We met Joshua Millman and his team several years ago at a coffee event; and visited their roasting facility not too long ago. Truly a creative into his craft, Joshua talks about PassionHouse, the team, the equipment, and the product with such caring, it’s as if they are an extension of him.

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Roasted-to-order and shipped immediately, we received our very fresh coffee just a couple of days after it being roasted. It arrived in a vacuum-sealed bag. The Guatemala La Bolsa Mirador ( is one of their “Mainstream” coffees. Their “Discover Your Genre” or AME approach highlights three different types of coffees: Ambient, Mainstream, and Experimental. A 12 ounce package is $16.95.

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PassionHouse does a good job of identifying which flavor notes you may encounter. Upon opening the bag, we immediately noticed the allspice, walnut, and fudge (cocoa) flavors. This was while the beans were still whole. It was an intoxicating desserty smell, but not overpowering nor cloying. Once we ground the beans, the fudge/cocoa notes remained, but that is when the faint hint of tobacco was noticeable.

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The beans have a mottled look; a mix between chocolate and molasses coloring. There was only a slightly oily appearance, and they only left behind the slightest of residue on the paper towel where we examined them.


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For this tasting, we used a standard French Press, and through our burr grinder, set a nice medium grind for the beans.

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We measured off 10 tablespoons of coffee, and 30 ounces of water at around 198 degrees Fahrenheit. From the moment the water hit the dry coffee grounds there was a hiss; it was almost as if the coffee was loudly exhaling in gratitude, satisfied at its use. The gases built a head of 2.5-2.75 inches easily; the coffee almost proudly stating how fresh it was. 4 minutes and a couple of plunges later, and we were ready to serve and taste.


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During the tasting, the cocoa/fudge notes came across again, consistent throughout the entire process. That said, during the tasting portion, the cherry notes came through also. The Mirador has a fairly bright taste, not too acidic, and light finish. We thoroughly enjoyed this cup from start to finish.

BONUS: We chilled the remainder of the coffee, and tasted it several hours later as Iced Coffee. Many coffees do not translate well to their Iced cousin. You will be pleased to know that this coffee did NOT require sugar at all when cold. There was zero bitterness in the cold tasting.

Special thanks to C.P.B. who joined us for this tasting.


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