Elijah’s Specialty Coffee & Tea – Jan 2014 Coffeehouse Review

We stopped into Elijah’s Specialty Coffee & Tea (http://www.elijahscoffee.com/) yesterday to meet with a couple of business colleagues. We only knew that is an independent chain of 2 locations; both in Elmhurst, IL. We met at the location on E 1st St. It has been an extraordinarily cold winter here in Chicago, and a great cup of hot coffee or espresso would really take the edge off.

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Just after 7am. The hustle and bustle of the commuter crowd was in full effect. This Elijah’s faces the Metra stop in Elmhurst. Many caffeinds flowed in and out of this coffeehouse in a steady stream, some grabbing something sweet to go with their morning java. Even though the crowd was large, the gentleman behind the register acknowledged everyone who came through the door.

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Although he never asked my name, nor introduced himself, the gentleman working the front was very personable and professional, accommodating several of my requests. Once I placed an order for the largest latte they would make, and let them know I would sit down, I slid down the counter past the barista station and waited for my shot of life.

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The barista was very focused on the drinks he was creating, or the shots he was pulling; making it look effortless. It took about 4-5 minutes to receive my drink. All-in-all, that is a very reasonable time to wait for the drink I requested, especially considering the crowd they were serving. The pricing was standard for the industry and the large latte was $4 plus tax. I will say that I hoped that they had served me in one of the porcelain mugs. I did say I was going to stay, and I hoped to see how talented the barista was, looking for some latte art to top my drink. It was not to be as they simply served me in a paper cup. It was a 2% latte; it was a perfect temperature, and the flavor was very good.

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Loved the colors and the environment. They were very welcoming. This seemed to be a very neighborhood oriented coffeehouse and they treated everyone like Sam Malone treated his regulars on Cheers. they customers all intermingled, and genuinely showed off a caring for this location as if it they owned it.

Seating is pretty tight during the rush. We struggled to accommodate our group. There are 2 entrances, main at the front, and a secondary at the rear. We sat near the rear door and with temperatures nearing 0, every time it opened, we were reminded that Chicago winters can be brutal.

With our adventures in Elmhurst just beginning, I think that we have not had our last coffee from Elijah’s.

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  1. Thank you for your visit and kind comments. Our goal is to make our guests feel at home. When you come in next time, please ask for Laura. I would love to meet you and to find the most fun mug we have for your latte. If it is in the morning, I will also introduce you to the gentleman behind the counter, our very own Warren. Hope to see you soon!

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