Furnace Hills Coffee – Jan 2014 Espresso Review

We sit down today to try East Coast Espresso from Furnace Hills Coffee (http://FurnaceHillsCoffee.com). They are based in Westminster, MD, and led by Dave Baldwin. Furnace Hills Coffee has an inspiring story. Their master roaster, Erin, has Down’s Syndrome, and we encourage you to take a moment to read it. This espresso review will involve a Moka pot, and beans that were freshly delivered in a sealed bag.

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The coffee arrived 2 days after we ordered. All coffee is roasted to order. It arrived sealed in a vacuum-packed foil bag. We opened the bag and were welcomed by the scent of almonds and cardamom, with floral and leather hints. The beans were beautiful, dark, and oily, leaving a noticeable signature on the paper towel where we photographed them.


Ground in a conical burr grinder at an espresso setting, the beans released even more of the nutty aroma.

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For today’s purposes, we’re using a Moka pot to prepare the espresso, and it will deliver a different product than a pressurized espresso maker. You won’t see the standard crema although it did attempt to formalize during the brewing process.

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8 minutes later, we were greeted by a noticeably stronger scent of roasted meat. The Moka pot brought out roasted meat and molasses flavors during the tasting. The flavor was strong (not bitter), and certainly not for the weak of palate. If you’re ordering and sipping espresso, you should look forward to this offering.



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