Paradise Coffee Roasters – Apr 2014 Coffee Review

Although we have focused primarily on the Chicago area these past couple of months, we have heard from many readers that there is great coffee to be had across the country. There were a number of roasters that came up in search (as well as coming recommended), and Paradise Coffee Roasters ( of Ramsey, MN, intrigued us.

How did this come about? A testament to the power of social media. We reached out to our friends on Instagram and asked them which states they live in and what coffee do they drink? Or given the option, would you like us to help you find good coffee close to you (within your state)? The responses flooded our inbox from all over the country, and so we begin our nationwide coffee reviews with Paradise Coffee Roasters.

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We continue to order and review single origin coffee, and Paradise Coffee Roasters provides choices from across the globe. Since we have concentrated on African and Indonesian coffees, we turned our attention this time to the Americas. Truth be told, my son looked over my shoulder and started laughing at the name of one of the coffees. When I recognized which one, and why, we struck a deal, and ordered the Guatemala Huehuetanango Fair Trade Organic (

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At just under $13 for a 12oz bag of whole beans, it is within reason to expect a good cup of coffee. And the “Hue Hue” did not disappoint. What we did do once our order arrived from Paradise Coffee Roasters, was to brew it a number of ways to see what the average joe thought about the coffee, and not just us.

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So we prepared the coffee with a pour over station and our variable temperature kettle at 198 degrees F. We also prepared it with our AeroPress and the kettle set to 178 degrees F. We prepared 20g of freshly ground coffee with 12oz of water for each cup using the pour over process, and 20g of coffee with 8oz of water for each cup with the AeroPress process. Throughout this tasting, the Guatemala Huehuetanango Fair Trade Organic from Paradise Coffee Roasters had a strong (but not overpowering) floral presence. The fragrance and taste of dandelions permeated the entire experience.

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The beans were gorgeous; a dark and mottled brown, that I believed (before tasting) to be too dark for a coffee from the Americas. In comparison, we ordered another bag of coffee from Paradise Coffee Roasters, a Sulawesi Tana Toraja Peaberry. Once set side-by-side, you can see that the roast on the Sulawesi is darker. Also, as a side note, check out the size of the Peaberry coffee. It is significantly smaller than the normal coffee bean; roughly only 50%-67% of the size.

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We performed 2 tastings for the product from Paradise Coffee Roasters. An interesting result came from them. Those who prefer lighter coffees enjoyed the pour over version of the coffee. And those who enjoy a darker, bolder flavor preferred the AeroPress produced coffee. The taste all around was clean as crisp. It didn’t linger on your palate; that only made us crave more of the “Hue Hue”. We found ourselves having several cups each time and enjoying every drop.

If you are looking for a good cup of coffee from a roaster in Minnesota, don’t overlook Paradise Coffee Roasters. They will roast and deliver a good product at a reasonable price.

And stay tuned…we have found good coffee from a roaster in Iowa, and searching Delaware and Oregon at this time!

Special thanks to Paul, Amy, and Connor for their help with this tasting.


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