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The coffeehouse culture gave rise to great intellectual discourse. The conversation ranged from the family to trade and business to politics. Just ask the monarchs that were overthrown…

So just what is “coffeetalk”? It is a word that I grew up with in the Boston area. It’s a general term referring to discussion in the coffeehouse culture. Many probably heard it on the Saturday Night Live skit, “Coffeetalk with Linda Richmond”. It’s discussion amongst friends. You may not have been friends at the start, but something magical happens when you share a cup of coffee with someone. Strangers easily become friends.

You could use it to describe a Sunday morning brunch conversation about a family schedule. You could also use it to descibe a business negotiation. The great thing about coffeetalk is that it can take place anywhere; not just in a coffeehouse.


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For Your Daily Coffee Shot, the coffeetalk will center around Reviews. The reviews will be of coffee, coffeehouses, equipment, food, and everything that goes with coffee. The reviews will cover all of these topics from local Chicago area, and stretching from coast to coast nationally.

There are plenty of great coffee experts around the world. Instead, we want this community to focus on the taste of the average joe. We will examine every aspect of the experience from the web and shipping, to the sit-down, and obviously the consumption of our favorite bean brew. That is really what the coffee and coffeehouse culture is all about.

So join us for coffeetalk. We look forward to sharing the caffeine-fueled discussion with you.


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