Top 10 Favorite Coffees

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There are so many great coffees available to us on a daily basis. But, it really depends on what we like and dislike; our personal preferences. I am approached regularly and asked “What are some of your favorite coffees, and Why?”

I have always let it be known that a perfectly pulled espresso shot (lattes as well) has no equal. It is just the essence or soul of coffee. When it comes to drip coffee, I prefer African single-origins primarily (see the review on a Tanzania here:, and then Indonesian, and then Middle Eastern coffees. Again, that is just my palate.

I still like to try everything out there. There is just too much good coffee to overlook it. When reviewing coffee for Your Daily Coffee Shot, we try coffee from all over the world. And we enjoy every drop. We recommend that you try as many coffees as possible until you discover a couple that really speak to your taste buds.

Without further ado, my Top 10 Favorite Coffees:

10. Kona from Hawaii. Only place in the US that could produce coffee, and it is typically a winner.

9. Jamaica Blue Mountain. Rarest coffee on the planet. Nice treat every once in a while.

8. Ethiopian Yrgacheffe. A nice fruity coffee.

7. Sulawesi. Another darker coffee with fruity profile, this time from Indonesia.

6. Yemeni Mocha. Not the flavor but the place. A spectacular flavor though!

5. Kenya AA. Strong, bold and fruity, but slightly sweet. A favorite.

4. Ethiopian Harrar. The Darwin Bean. All Arabica coffee evolved from this bean. My favorite non-espresso coffee.

3. Dopio Espresso. A nice little double shot of happiness.

2. Latte. Espresso and milk. Smooth and artsy all rolled into one.

1. A Mocha latte made with Ghiradelli chocolate. (Espresso AND Chocolateā€¦Do I even need to explain this?)

Hope you will try one or more of these. If you do, let us know. We want to know what are your favorite coffees! c]__[

photo credit: @Chi_Coffee_Guy

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