YDCS Latte Mugs


Take your coffee drinking to the next level with Your Daily Coffee Shot Latte Mugs!

These beautiful latte mugs are SO BIG (24 oz) that you will need two hands to drink your coffee, espresso (or yes we’ll allow tea and hot cocoa). We’ve heard tell that some people are (gasp) eating cereal and soup out of these monster-size mugs.

They come in your choice of Orange or Brown, and have our askii character coffee cup brand “c]__[” and “Your Daily Coffee Shot” on one side. Our hashtag search term “#YDCS” and our website address “YourDailyCoffeeShot.com” adorn the other.

We ship UPS Fragile. Keep an eye out for the brown truck after you place your order.

The mugs are $15 each plus shipping and handling. We accept Paypal and Major Credit Cards.

Once your order is placed, a representative from Your Daily Coffee Shot will contact you to confirm shipping costs and payment arrangements.

Join #TeamCoffee, and enjoy your best brew from a Your Daily Coffee Shot 24oz Latte Mug!